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Lonely Wives Are the Best Lovers

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You want to know what the secret is? There are two things in this world that are important: men need respect and women need love. Granted, there are times when that’s the opposite, and both are certainly welcome in any relationship in a give-and-take fashion, but at the core — I’m talking down to our basic DNA and lizard brains, men need respect and women need love.

What happens to lonely wives? They have given and given and given their men a ton of respect, so much so, that those men no longer have to work at keeping the love going. They take those wives for granted and stop showing love — both love and respect can be shown through sex, by the way — so those men are up on their high horses getting all the respect and admiration they could want.

They get so much of it that the desire for sex with their wives may not even be there, or they go looking for sex where it’s a little bit more of a challenge to get. That leaves wives lonely, open, and vulnerable to get some love and attention they need, even if it’s just for a night. Take advantage of another man’s blind-spot; here’s where you canĀ hookup with lonely Birmingham wives.

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